Everything I've Implied So Far

Since I've gotten past the dozen post mark, perhaps I ought to have an index.


You Are A Pattern Matching Agent: explores a vague theory mind centered around pattern matching, and wrestles with some free will issues.

Translating Alien Languages: explores self-reference networks within intensional word definitions, and discovers a potential way to map a large class of languages onto one another, only to find out someone else got there first.

How To Fight Fate:  uses coding theory to examine paradoxes of fate and prediction.

More Notes On My Philosophy Of Mind: extends my first post, puts forth a pet theory of emotion that likely isn't even right enough to be wrong.

Meditations On Writing: explores a tenuous metaphor between writing fiction and doing mathematics, comments on questions of justification, consistency & drama.

Where Two-Valued Logic Fears To Tread: argues against binary truth values on propositions, and against the notion that propositions meaningfully reflect the territory.

Anti-Perfect Objects: introduces a neologism, antiperfect/antiperfection to describe a kind of mathematical object.

Another Argument Against Solipsism: argues against good ol' Solipsism, and the look-up table argument. I also elaborate a behavior-centric stance towards consciousness.

Narrative Morality: what if ideas were people too?

Hierarchy of  Conventions: what matters when you're pondering social constructions.

Moral Efficacy, Cosmic Cheesecake, and the Epistemic Vacuum: still riffing on Created Already In Motion. Introduces the concept of an epistemic vacuum, but gets distracted talking about meaningness.

Intrinsic vs. Extrinsic Funniness:


Several Case Studies Of Metamathematics In Everyday Life: explores how you could apply metalogical theorems to everyday life. This post compiles everyone I've been able to think of, which is not comprehensive.

Motions of Meaningness: a little write-up that tries to point at what eternalism feels like from inside





Aegri Somnia Vana
: just a quick 'what-if' metastory I wrote on whim

Interloper: started as a writing exercise, but then it became narratively interesting.

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